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Thread: Block Party Derby

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    Block Party Derby

    As much fun as it is to pick a task and earn points for your neighborhood, how fun would it be to earn point together? In this new Derby, neighborhoods will complete tasks together! Instead of picking a task and working to complete it alone, neighbors will have a set of tasks to complete as a group.

    -there are only four tasks.
    -tasks can still be trashed if the neighborhood doesnít like them (Iím looking at you, goat milk task!)
    -neighbors still have to select a task to contribute to and cannot contribute to multiple tasks at once.
    -neighbors can pitch into tasks anytime they want.
    -neighbors can contribute to as many tasks as they like, but cannot leave a task until it is quit/expired/finished.
    -the neighborhood gets the total number of tasks, not each individual neighbor. So each neighborhood can complete a maximum of 18 (?) tasks.
    -tasks are much harder (complete 30 boats, collect 65 feta pies, 3,000 corn, 150 townspeople)

    This style of derby would require quite a bit of balancing because if itís too busy, every neighborhood would be getting the perfect score. Also, it needs to be possible to be completed by 3 active people in a neighborhood as well as 30 active people. But this new derby style would really bring together a team effort that would be a lot of fun!

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    Wow. You’ve put a lot of thought in this and that is commendable.

    I already see where this could be problematic. There would need considerable programming involved & not sure the design team would be up for that. But that would be their call. Tasks would have to be geared to the lowest level members. Example, if just one person is below level 34 means no town tasks and a great deal of other derby tasks. Otherwise they may end up feeling left out. Really limiting variety for teams with lower members.

    If tasks need to be customized for different NH sizes would also create a lot more programming (more bugs/glitches). Otherwise, larger hoods would do much better & have easier time than smaller hoods if same tasks for all NH’s.

    We already have Blossom derby that encourages teamwork. What you’re proposing feels like a global event but just for individual Neighborhoods. Interesting but not sure how that would work well.

    But that’s simply my own personal opinion. Perhaps others will embrace your idea.

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    I wouldn't mind if it was just one or two group tasks available at a time. The rest of the tasks being individual efforts. I like the idea of everyone chipping in but since our neighborhood ranges from level 20 to level 154 the larger neighborhoods might be shouldering the lions share of the work while being tied to one task until it is done. Perhaps if we set a limit, if the task requires 30 feta pies people could opt to leave after contributing 6.
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    The "group" task would have to be what the lowest farmer could do. By adding baby farm, the hood could manipulate their tasks to easiest ones.

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    You guys are overthinking the availability for low levels. They cant do every task now, so they also wont be able to do it then. And that is fine. If there are 4 tasks to choose from, they could maybe still do 1 or 2, like eggs or bread etc. Maybe not the town or chocolate ice cream, but hey thats just the game.

    I like this idea. Not sure how it all would work out, could use some testing and tweaking, but the thought is interesting.

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