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Thread: Opinion and requesting in coc game

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    Opinion and requesting in coc game

    Dear esteemed CLASH OF CLAN game developer.
    I am a user of the game that you released, claimed to really like this game. but there is something missing from this game since the beginning of the game until now.

    the disadvantages are:

    1. Very long upgrade time.

    2. limited housing space of troop at army camp.

    3. some troops have a large housing space capacities on army camp, such as WIZZARD, AIRBORNE, DRAGON, PEKKA, and others. Meanwhile the army camp's capacity is only +5 housing space per upgrade.

    4. More capacities for spell.

    So I suggested to the developer to change just a little in this game.

    Among them are:

    1 reduction in the amount of housing space capacity for each troop. Example: Pekka (25 down to 10 for housing space capacity).

    2. Add army camp specifically for black barracks (dark elixir barrack).

    3. Each army camp capacity upgrade will only increase by +5 housing space, it should be added to + 15 or + 20 housing space capacity every upgrade. For example, the TOWN HALL LEVEL10 capacity of army camp just 220 troop. if added up to 400 housing capacity it will be more interesting.

    4. Reduction in the number of upgrade times for each item.

    5. Construction builder maximum 5. If can be added more than better.

    This COC strategy game is very fun, especially if there are more troops to fight, surely this game will be more exciting. And last long.

    Hopefully my suggestions are well received and considered.

    Greetings COC.

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    Don't really agree with any.

    Your camp and troop space adjustments would make it far too easy to three star every base. No strategy required.

    Upgrade times have already been reduced greatly. I'm zooming through town hall levels on my new min.

    Basically, your request is for a giant easy button. It exists in the game. In the shop. Buy that bundle of gems and you are good to go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aiprock18 View Post
    Hopefully my suggestions are well received and considered.
    Welcome to the forums! Unfortunately, I highly highly doubt any of your suggestions will be considered. 400 camp space for a TH10? 10 housing space for a Pekka? So a TH10 can spam with 40 Pekkas? Sorry to be blunt, but that's ridiculous.

    Reduction of upgrade times will probably happen again. The max times for many years have been at 14 days, so when new levels are released, all the lower levels of those items are reduced. Just last year there was a huge reduction of times across the board to help everyone get to TH12 within a more reasonable time. Plus potions, books, and hammers were added to reduce upgrade times.
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    Current housing for troops/spells is fine. Keep in mind if housing gets reduced, most likely the stats will decrease to balance out.

    One type of army camp should suffice for all troops.

    There will be a lot of balance change if more troops are able to fit in the camps. Best to keep it as is.

    Upgrade time have been reduced for several things. Use the magical items or gems if you want to progress quicker.

    5 Builders is a good number. A factor of the game is patience, more Builders will make maxing out the game go faster. Keep in mind that SuperCell is a business, so if you want to max out everthing fast, purchase things in the shop. Otherwise go the free route and progress normally.

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    So you want 40 PEKKA attacks at th10?
    400 barbarians owie
    We can just buff all troops by like 200% more in stats and get the same effect that you want but of course there's an obvious reason why we aren't doing that
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    And how about specialist army camp for dark barrack? The dark barrack should been have a own barrack for troop!
    And camp for deff in day mode!

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