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    Exclamation BUG: Builder base battle rewards

    I have found that upon earning a threshold of trophies needed for the next reward, it only rewards the last threshold instead. If you earn the trophies the same time as the reward, it gives you less than what would need to be rewarded.
    Check it out:

    I have 2400 BB trophies on the conclusion of this battle, yet I'm getting the win bonus for 2300 BB trophies.

    Yes, These screenshots are from April 2018, when i first noticed the problem. I was hoping that somebody would find and fix it by now. Its 2019 now and the problem still hasn't been fixed.
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    that is not a bug. you reached the 2400 with your attack and you only get the rewards from the "reward league" where you started the battle.

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    wotanwaton is correct. The league bonus is not for reaching a league. It's for successfully attacking while in a league. You won't get the next league's bonus until you successfully attack after having already reached that league. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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