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Thread: Clan not leveling up

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    Unhappy Clan not leveling up

    Hello there!

    I'm in a lv8 clan which should have leveled up to 9 at the end of war 3 of cwl. But it didn't.
    Instead, in the clan tab, in the clan perks section, it says 5900/5900.
    War 4 finished, we were supposed to win 136 xp, but the counter remains 5900/5900.

    I tried to contact supercell but I got an automatic "account recovery" response.

    Any advice? Anyone in the same boat?

    Thank you

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    right behind you
    it has been reported few times. wait for end of next warday → than it should move up.

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    It moved up!

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    Same problem faced I was waiting for 10/10 xps 7900/7900

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    Clan not levelling up! 😣

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    I'm leader of my clan named "WeOwnTheNight". It's level 3, it was dead from few months, but me and my friends decided to rebuild it, we started few wars there and started this current March CWL.
    But the problem is, it is not upgrading to level 4, we had played enough wars and collected enough Clan Perks but it is not upgrading to next level. The clan is stuck at 1900 Clan perks (Maximum for Level 3) from few wars in cwl. This is very big issue we're working hard to make our clan strong and of high level but this problem is discouraging us to grind in making clan stronger and playing coc.
    Kindly help us and solve the problem im fair way and also refund that extra clan Perks we've losted due to that problem.
    I'll give important information below to help you guys to solve issue ASAP:

    Clan tag: #UVCG22R9
    My player tag: #P998C8V28

    Help me as soon as possible
    Thank you!

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