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Thread: King's Coven #208VQJPR9 / Looking for active members

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    Daily Bump 3/27

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    Daily Bump 3/28

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    Daily Bump 3/29 With CWL coming up, I would like to invite anyone reading this to join. We always have room for new members and we could use a few more to have a good shot at winning our league this season.

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    Daily Bump 3/30

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    Daily Bump 3/31

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    Daily Bump 4/1 Happy April Fool's Day. It's CWL Eve, which means it's your last chance to join us and help us tear through a Gold III Bracket. We usually place in the top half of the teams, so you can expect good loot and many medals here.

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    Daily Bump 4/5 We've been hard at work with our league matches, and I'm proud to announce we are currently in 2nd place with a heavy lead on 3rd. If we keep up this pace, we will promote to Gold 2 at the end of the season.

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    Daily Bump 4/10 Our war league season ended really well. We promoted to Gold II and won all seven of our wars. Join the clan now to have a home with a winning team that donates great troops.

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