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Thread: ***Official YouTube video thread for "Clash with DoDamTV" Elite channel***

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    YouTube Channel "Clash with DoDamTV" 13Th Attack Strategy

    Clash with DoDamTV
    It's a channel created to share information about the game.
    I will update the thread here every time I create a new video. The video is updated almost every day so come back often ^ ^

    Channel Focuses
    1. Advanced game tips and strategies
    2. Attacking tutorials with strategy keys
    3. User feedback and participation
    4. TH8-TH12 gameplay / Strategy

    If you enjoy watching my videos, subscribe!

    **LATEST VIDEO** (Updated Daily)

    ======= PLAYLISTS =======

    ■ TH13 Air Attackㅣ

    ■ TH13 Ground Attackㅣ

    ■ island base 3starㅣ

    ■ ring base 3starㅣ

    ■ TH12 Batspell Attackㅣ

    ■ TH12 TH12 LavaLoon Attackㅣ

    ■ TH12 HOGS Attackㅣ

    ■ TH12 Miner Attackㅣ

    ■ TH12 bowler Attackㅣ

    ■ TH11 island base 3star Attackㅣ

    ■ TH11 bowler Attackㅣ

    ■ TH11 HOGS Attackㅣ

    ■ TH11 Mass Miner Attackㅣ

    ■ TH11 LavaLoon Attackㅣ

    ■ TH10 3star Attackㅣ

    ■ TH9 3star Attackㅣ

    ■ TH8 3star Attackㅣ

    ■ TH7 3star Attackㅣ

    ■ builder hall 3star Attackㅣ
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    Pekka + Bats, Lava + Bats really powerful. What do you think?

    Units die easily due to multi inferno Tower. What do you think about using a lot of Pekka?
    It seems so good when I try.
    I hope you will try it once and evaluate it.

    Pekka + Bats, Lava + Bats really powerful. What do you think?

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    Lava + Bat spell -

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    Watched the 1st video till half and all I see is only 1 inferno being taken out by bats. Kinda lame. It would've been better for him to take other spells.

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    Episode 123 - TH11 Mass Electro Dragon Attack
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    Thank you for a good point.
    However, if the Tower of Hell is not removed, a major army may have died or its route changed. It seems to be a good choice to keep the army and prevent escape.

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    Episode 125 - TH11 LavaLoon
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    Episode 127 - TH12 TOP3 ATTACK (Edrag LavaLoon, Mass EDragons, Hogs)
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    TH8 ~ GoWiPe vs mass dragon Who thinks strong?

    I think dragon is strong. And dragon seems to use it more often because 3star is easier.
    What do you think? Could you recommend which one?

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