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Thread: TRADE HERE: The ALL Items Trading Thread

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    Aug 2019
    Need BEM and SEM

    I can produce anything for you and also send Tom for 3 more days.

    For now I have

    13 marker stake - traded
    10 mallet - traded
    11 land deed - traded
    11 silver bar
    23 fish fillet - traded
    20 cookies - 8 left
    18 cheesecakes
    16 bacon pies
    14 berry juice
    12 butter popcorn - traded
    8 cherry Popsicles
    8 vanilla ice-cream
    7 chilli popcorn

    Kik zaswu
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    Junior Member Sayurii's Avatar
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    Dec 2012
    LEMs for bolt/plank/tape
    my deed/mallet/stake for your BEM (4:1) up to 222/205/204

    TEM for bolt/plank/tape
    my hand drill for your BEM (10:1) up to 230
    my paint bucket for your BEM (10:1) up to 120
    my brick for your BEM (6:1) up to 90
    my tar bucket for your BEM (4:1) up to 0
    my stone block for your BEM (5:1) up to 15
    my hammer for your BEM (5:1) up to 30
    my map piece for your BEM (12:1) up to 24

    Tools for bolt/plank/tape
    my axe for your BEM (10:1) up to 0
    my saw for your BEM (3:1) up to 0
    my pickaxe for your BEM (4:1) up to 0
    my shovel for your BEM (5:1) up to 0
    my tnt for your BEM (6:1) up to 0
    my dynamite for your BEM (8:1) up to 0

    my coins for your bolt/plank/tape 9x max price (2,430 coin per BEM)
    my coins for your nail/screw/panel 3x max price (810 coin per SEM)

    all other items available for BEM/SEM too, msg me what you need

    kik sayuriihayday

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    Got SEMs
    50 Nails , 50 Screws and 50 Panels
    Looking for BEMs
    Ratio 3m:1y
    Partials Welcome , but trading in sets
    Kik : vettivelai100

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    Jan 2018
    My 20 nails for your 20 panels. (Traded)
    My 33 cotton fabrics for 10 bem
    Kik dabingpanda_skraaaa
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    Millennial Club Boscoe's Avatar
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    Jul 2013
    30 screws for 10 tapes or planks
    40 mallets for either stakes or deeds
    can do partial trade
    kik me at savagelilyrose
    GC SavageLily! ​Level 151
    KIK: savagelilyrose

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    Feb 2015
    I have 400 Fish Fillet to Trade for 100 BEMs

    I have 400 Shovels to trade for 100 BEMs

    Kik- MyPetMinx

    Partial trades welcomed

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    Trading 32 fish and 18 lobster for BEM
    Kik mceltics21

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    Sep 2017
    Hi i have bem i need
    Eggplant permision
    Orange sobert
    Lemon candle
    Resbery candle
    Grape jam
    Peach jam
    Plum jam
    Plum smothie
    Cucumber smothie
    Fish taco
    Honey apple cake
    Honey pop
    Jelly bean
    Pasta carbonara
    Fdm pizza
    Lobster soup
    Onion melt
    Kik farrukhshazad121

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    Sep 2017
    Hi i have bems i need
    Iron bar
    Platinium bar
    Kik farrukhshazad121

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    Jul 2015


    I need expansion material. Will trade other expansion material, animal feed, animal products, crops, produced food, mining tools and mining products.

    EM for EM or mining tools will be {2,1} (y,m)
    EM for bushes and trees will also be {2,1}
    EM for planted crops will depend on the crop. You will receive more crops than I receive EM
    EM for mining products is {1,3}
    EM for animal feed is {1,3}
    EM for animal products is {1,5}
    EM for produced food depends on the items.

    Willing to work out a different trade if u want.
    Price is either default or at 1.

    Kik me: israa1424

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