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Thread: Daily rewards

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    Daily rewards

    Many games in the playstore offer daily rewards which may increase in streaks. I just want to know can any such feature be implemented in the game. The players rewards increases day by day with streak(i.e. if the player does not collects it on that day, the streak breaks & resets to the 1st day reward). I know if I mention about rewards there would be alot of controversies so I leave it up to U all. But the reward should increase each day.
    Many would say that the 5🌟 loot bonus is our daily reward. So I want to mention that it's not a free reward. You have to earn it by battling in MPB. And also it does not increase with daily streaks.
    This feature is just like the one we have in Clash Royale. But in that we get rewards after every 5/6 hrs. whatsoever.
    So summarising the rewards player gets increases with each day streaks. The streak may go up to a week (7 days maximum) & if the streak breaks it resets to the 1st day reward. And all this is for "free".
    Thank U!

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    Yes, I myself have played such games in the past.

    First we need to recognize why some games take that approach. It is like a brick and mortar store. They want to sell you things that they make profit on, but in order to do that, stores need you to walk in the door first. So the store will have a sale on something at cost, in hope that while you are there, you buy other items for which they profit. So like stores, games want to get players to "walk in the door" each and every day.

    Clash does offer those incentives. If you don't collect from your mines, pumps and drills, they will fill up, stop producing and rather than go to you, it will go to raiders! Login to check the Trader each day, never know when a free potion will be offered, Did a gem box spawn last night? And with the ☆☆☆☆☆ Daily Bonus, it not only entices players to login daily, but actually play!

    They have insight to how many people log in daily, we do not. This though I do know. Notice in my opening sentence, mentioning the other games, I used the past tense. Sure they offered me free dailies, but I stopped playing all those games. Clash and Boom Beach are the only two games I have played consistently over the last 5 years, so they must be doing something right, getting myself and millions of others constantly "walking back in the door"!
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