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Thread: Opinion on being in a one person hood...

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    Opinion on being in a one person hood...

    So today was the last straw.Too many rules, noone on, people who only want and dont give, those who do 1 task in the derby then they disappear etc. I've been thinking of doing my own hood and wanted opinions on who likes it, how they did derby etc. Don't get me wrong I like NH's that are bigger and actually have people on all the time, I'm just tired of the above described and need input on if I want to do it alone or go to a smaller hood..

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    For all the reasons you cited and more I am in a solo NH and it works for me.

    The town and personal train work more easily for me because I have baby farms - three in addition to my main farm. I used to Derby with the two bigger ones all the time but these days I hardly do.

    I have some good friends and followers.

    All these things help.😊

    Many forumers seem to have found some great NHs. I suspect youíll be invited to one or two or ten once this thread gets noticed. Good luck.👍

    EDIT to clarify: Iíve been doing the Derby with the main farm only for several weeks whereas I used to do it with my main farm and 1 or 2 of the baby farms.
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    For all the reasons you list, we have the rules we do. If I were forced to play with some of the people I've come across within this game, my face would be perma-palmed.

    Try a smaller hood, or one with tighter rules. They do exist. Solo is great too, tho. I used to love it and look back with fondness on those times lol... But that's largely because of the responsibility of a hood etc...

    OP, there ARE good hoods out there. I class a good hood as one that frowns upon all the stuff listed.
    As Boston girl says, you will likely get invites to the correct sort of hood in no time, after your thread. Wish you luck �� hope you find what you're looking for
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    I am not sure I could do a one person neighborhood. I love my town and love being able to pick up from my neighbor's platforms. But I understand the frustrations of being in a neighborhood. Sometimes people don't play the way we do or don't have the same focus. Some leaders are very unforgiving about life outside the game. Some people are in neighborhoods just for upgrades and expanding. I have had to tell a few younger players that they might have to calm down their expanding desire. "Pick 1 thing to expand a week". But I am a mom, my kids have been less than understanding when I can't take them to ______ NOW. They ask for everything all the time and they always need it NOW. So as a leader I try, even when it is hard, to guide people away from annoying the rest of the neighborhood. I get the frustration. You have to do what is best for you. If you have a great friends list that helps out with boats, trucks, and towns then going solo could be a great destresser.
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    Hi OOD and all!!
    I too have experienced the same as you mentioned above!!
    I've tried playing alone, in a few hoods that does 308+ derby and even maxed points!!
    For me the 308+ tasks hoods just aggravated me because the lower level tasks would sit on the board for days because everyone was going maxed except a few lower level players and in a big hood it makes it so time consuming to get a decent task!! And I'm the type that enjoys my weekends without having to be glued to my game!
    Then the maxed tasks groups always wanted me to spend my diamonds!! Yeah I'm a team player but if doesn't make a difference or is in defent that we will place top 3 then it's a waste in my opinion, but if I know that spending diamonds and doing that extra task will help my team I'm all in and don't mind at all!
    Playing alone I've tried that too!! It was ok for a few weeks then I got bored!! Lol
    That's how my experience has been!!
    I guess it all depends on what kind of person you are and what you prefer!
    So, now I am a leader to a group of awesome adults from UK, USA, & Canada! I'm new to being a leader but I'm determined..
    We do maxed tasks extra not required unless your task expires!! And is very much appreciated if you do that extra one!!
    Our requirements are bird house-crops only for achievement ask in chat if u need something but we don't do the gimmie folks (if you know what I mean), Kik messaging is required cause I know that chat in hayday leaves after a while and communication is key to running a happy hood!!
    We want players active but u absolutely do not need to be active all day long, popping in to say hi at least once a day is what we want! Everyone needs to be treated the same!!
    And we do not tolerate anyone not pulling there own weight!! I mean if life's busy it's as easy as opt out and keep us updated!! That's perfectly fine!!
    Hope that helps you a little and best of luck to you!!

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    Hi OOD,
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    At the moment I have been suddenly promoted to leader. I am the only one involved in the derby. I have asked others in the neighbourhood to let me know if they are still active, as some do not seem to be involved for over a year. I realise that there is a real world out there, but my neighbourhood seems to be populated by zombies.

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