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    Open Message to Forumers, Mods, and Staff

    A game friend of mine shared a PM he received about the ‘tone the HD forum seems to have taken recently”. It got me thinking.

    It is human nature to complain about things that upset us and stay silent over the things that go well. Why do we do that? Short answer is that for most of us things either run smoothly most of the time or the things that go awry involve stuff we just don’t care about. C.A.R.E. That’s the motivation for complaining.

    We complain when we are vested in the outcome. In life, why are we told to stay away from discussions of politics and religion? Because those are things we tend to care passionately about, and discussions can quickly devolve into angry confrontation.

    It’s the same on this forum. People come here to share, but they also come here to complain. The motivation is not an attempt to cause trouble, or be negative, or violate forum rules. The motivation is Frustration, because we CARE about the game. We are invested in the quality of the product we’ve chosen to use: Hay Day.

    Many of us have been playing for years now, and we are saddened to watch the quality of the gaming platform deteriorate. Yes, we could just move on, but we are invested in THIS game. We want to see THIS game return to a quality experience we can once again enjoy.

    So,when there’s an issue, we bang our heads against the wall and contact Support. You have only to read the plethora of support complaints here to know it’s a roll of the dice whether you’ll get help, word salad, or a deleted ticket. Plus, there are some things beyond the scope of Support’s responsibility.

    We then come here to vent, express frustrations, and ask for help. There is no denying the quality of the game is slipping. Not a day goes by that something is broken, or broken again. Too often, players are left with the feeling no one is at the helm. It feels like the game is on life support, whether or not it actually is. We come here for resolution and reassurance someone, anyone, is trying to right the ship.

    The point of this open message, then, is to remind everyone – forum participants regardless of rank, mods, and staff - that we are all trying to get to the same goal, the return of the smooth running game we’ve enjoyed in the past.

    It behooves those of us posting (including me) to remember the people reading our posts have feelings, too.The programmers probably really are trying to fix the patchwork code that has developed over the years, and no one can enjoy coming to work daily to face more problems.

    At the same time, Mods need to remember that while this isn’t a forum owned by “us”, it is here only because WE, the customer, have taken the time to come here and voice opinions about a game we care about. If you chase us off, you have no forum to moderate.

    Lastly, it never hurts to remind staff that we are rooting for you, we love this game and hope it will continue, but our patience also has limits.
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