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Thread: Natural obstacles spawning after the 40 limit

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    Question Natural obstacles spawning after the 40 limit

    So I find it really hard to get gems. Like suspiciously hard, the only form of gems I get are from the gem mine and achievements which are few and far between. I've had a gem box since about July 2014 which I've never removed so its become kinda nostalgic for me haha so unfortunately not an option for me currently although that's not an excuse I get that I could remove it if I wanted.

    I have also never had a natural obstacle spawn in at least 3 years due to the amount of special obstacles I have. Its been years since I've seen a tree, log, trunk, bush or even a mushroom on my base

    To get to the point, I suggest that the special obstacles do NOT stop the original obstacles from spawning. I simply don't see a reason for them to not spawn. I still think there should be a limit of 40 obstacles, but I don't think the special ones should count towards this total.


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    You seem to have left something out of the equation. You note the gem mine, hence acknowledge gems from the Builder Base, yet you ignore that there is also obstacle spawning there.

    I too am at the limit, no additional spawning upon my main base. I accept that is a choice on my part. It is not that I, or anyone else, have 40 different special obstacles, rather that I have multiple copies of many. So it is that you and I elect to "hoard obstacles". That is our choice.

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    As said above, it is your decision to keep all those special obstacles, and during those 3 years you knew no more obstacle spawned because of that.

    As for the suggestion per se, obstacles would probably have to start spawning inside the base on any 2x2 space, probably not allowing you to change layout and usually taking away a possible location for traps for an attacker. That is why the limit exists in my opinion.
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