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Thread: New update idea/request for the clan perks

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    New update idea/request for the clan perks

    So, me and few people from my clan had an discussion today about stuff, that Supercell should add or fix in the game. We came up with 2 ideas
    1. More clan perks. So, as you might know, when th12 came out, th10 couldn’t donate all max troops when in a lvl10 clan. So we thought about adding clan perks to level 15 or 20, and at like level 15, you would have the donated troop level to rise 3 levels.
    2. One way to fix clouds. Everytime you got a ”cannot find a base”, the trophy range of which you find bases, would get bigger by like 150-300 and it would be random how much it got bigger.

    These are our ideas/requests for future updates. Please comment if you think these would be good improvements.
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    1. Supercell has said any new perks will be purely cosmetic such as custom troop and hero skins. Nothing that affects actual gameplay.
    2. See this thread:
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