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Thread: Welcome to West Yorkshire

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    ⛏🌟 Calling Derby Participants 🌟 🐓West Yorkshire 🐔🎆⛏ [#YUC8R0]

    Hello potential new members 👋
    We are refreshing our NH in order to perform better in the derby , and we hope you'll be part of the fun. (minimum level 40)
    Our goal is to enter every derby with success in getting all prizes especially for land expansions 🏆
    💥 We are in the Champions League (12 gold, 9 silver, 14 bronze). We ask participants to enter at 300+ point tasks. We do not wish to police 👮 anyone, and ask everyone to be responsible for their own game. When life happens, and you can't complete your tasks, we just ask for notice out of courtesy. You can spend diamonds 💎 on the derby when you can, but it's not a must. We trash tasks upto 290, if 300+ points are scarce.
    We are usually in the position to help one another, be it tasks, boat, town, tools or upgrades. Most players keep shops stocked with rare items and upgrades, so members can keep an eye out and buy. We can also request assistance when we want.
    We don't require members to chat all day long, but we hope they interact especially to show gratitude when helped 💬. We understand many players have professions and / or activities that require their attention.
    We don't often have to trade, because we have learned to give freely, especially if few items are required to expand.
    We water for one another, and save plants for those with the help tasks.
    We all use English, and we don't have age limits. We appreciate maturity, and being respectful and considerate to others.

    We request you take time to read the environment especially if your comments may offend 😉
    We just hope to have fun, and keep things as simple as possible
    We hope to be that balance between super serious and relaxed.
    We hope you join our community. See you in ☺ West Yorkshire ☺
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    We look forward to having you in our neighborhood ☺

    We look forward to having you in our neighborhood ☺
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