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Thread: Bad match up system?

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    Lightbulb Bad match up system?

    Hi, everyone!

    I belive that battle match up system is pretty bad... I am currently TH 8, and I have about 2400-2500 trophyes. I have relised that there is some kind of “barrier”, as soon as I reach about 2500 trophyes players who attack me take betwene 35 and 50 trophyes (for a 3 star)... I think that this is pretty unfair because it is pretty easy for TH 9 to get a 3 star on TH 8. There should at least be change in stytem that a TH level higher than you sholdnt get that many trophyes for a 3 star. This makes is ultra hard for lower level THs to reach higher leaugues and I think that is kind a dumb and that every one shold be able to me it to higher leaugues with out “no lifeing” the game. This match up system should not look at all in witch league is other player, it should only try to pair you up with same level THs (or one lower and one level higher).

    I hope at least some of you will agree and support this idea, thank you for reading!

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    It shouldn’t be easy for lower level town halls to rise up in leagues. Matchmaking is based on trophies. So is how much you win/lose. Here is a chart that breaks down the way you win/lose trophies:

    New system: Attackers at high Trophy counts fight for more Trophies and lose less

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