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Thread: Farming hero levels at TH12

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesHowlet View Post
    I'm going to continue the miner echo in here and say level miners. If you have access to hammers them use them all on miners and get them maxed. This leaves you using no DE except if you need to drop a poison and you can farm at any level with a very strong army.

    It was a mistake not upgrading them in the first place, don't continue that trend any longer.
    Miners only take 12 days and 13M elixir to get to L3, I wouldn't hammer that myself, espically when he's casual and has trouble getting DE. I'd much rather hammer long expensive DE troop or my AQ if I'm in his position and wait out the miner lab upgrade.
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    Thanks for the responses miners it is.ill save the medals for other things and start building
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