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Thread: [BUG] warlog, nonsense war data

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    [BUG][FIXED] warlog, nonsense war data

    In warlog, a few wars (3 in my case) do not appear in game, but are received in API, with nonsense data. I cannot remember if these wars are real of not.

    Example data:
    In this case we made 99 attacks, got 281 stars, destroyed 524%, and got 0 experience, in a 15vs15 war. This is just impossible to get 99 attacks in a 15vs15 war (and our clan has ~30 members, we really play 15vs15 and 20vs20 only).
    The percentage is 524%, which also does not work, it should not be more than 100%.

    Our opponent has no tag/name, is level 0, got 96 stars, and destroyed 0%.
    Here, it is impossible to have a level zero, and impossible to get stars with 0% destruction.

    "result": "win",
    "endTime": "20190210T081856.000Z",
    "teamSize": 15,
    "clan": {
    "tag": "#GC9CGC2V",
    "name": "Sept Victoires",
    "badgeUrls": {
    "small": "",
    "large": "",
    "medium": ""
    "clanLevel": 11,
    "attacks": 99,
    "stars": 281,
    "destructionPercentage": 524.06665,
    "expEarned": 0
    "opponent": {
    "badgeUrls": {
    "small": "",
    "large": "",
    "medium": ""
    "clanLevel": 0,
    "stars": 96,
    "destructionPercentage": 0

    Attached is a screenshot of our warlog, which shows nothing on Feb 10 (but again, I cannot remember if we had a war that day).

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    I would say post a image and maybe it will get more attention.

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    I cannot post an image of API :-) I will put the nonsense data in red bold.

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    I think this data refers to a War League and data is the total of the result league. For example, your clan have made 99 attacks during your war league with a total of 281 stars.

    What caller you have provide on the API to get this data ?

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    You are right. I was testing League wars against "result" field, which was wrong. In fact, I believe "result" may contain "win", "lose", and 'null' when we do't go up or down a league. Not sure for 'lose', I did not see it yet.
    I was testing against 'null' value only, as a win/lose made no sense for me.

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