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Thread: Builder base based clan wars

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    Builder base based clan wars

    IDK why I am liking builder base more these days. So, I have a request for SC that "Why" are there no clan wars on Builder Base side. There are alot complicacies on the main village. So whenever I get bored or frustrated onlf the main village I play the Builder Versus Battles and what I sometimes think is that it is very simple, quick , concise & sweet battles.U dont need to spend elixur on army and training time is constant & U also get boosts on regular basis to speed up training, building & upgrading etc-etc.
    So clan wars on Builder Base can be a very fun concept and I don't think it would be much difficult for SC to implement.
    So plz. have a quick thinking on this idea SC.
    THANK U!!

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    I agree and would love to have builder base cw too.

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