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Thread: AI needs work!

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    Angry AI needs work!

    Hey there SC!

    just asking the question, (from a long time frustrated player)

    when in the name of Zues are you guys going to fix the AI in the game?!
    Troops doing So many stupid things!
    EG: healers on AQ suddenly leave & go to warden! (Yes AQ & warden are next to eachother) This happens very often & is the most frustrating thing in the game(for me)
    OR, AQ trying to break through wall when there’s obstacles nearby on the same side as the AQ! Goodness me!
    OR, AQ targets an object, walks around a wall, passes 3 other objects to get to the one she targeted ! Really?!
    Shouldn’t she forget the original target & focus on the nearest one she passes?!

    Do I sound frustrated? That’s cos I am 😐😏😂

    i had to write this tread 3 times cos the word filter blocked too many of my preferred vocabulary 🤣🤣👊👊
    Don’t worry about the QOL update, just fix it will ya’s,... plz,... HMMMM

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    And what about boxer giants hitting something halfway across the map? Or sneaky archers getting hit by push trap, something wierd happens, then they head toward a freakin crusher and get smashed! I could go on forever!

    Honestly, it’s really funny to watch unless it happens to you. It really does lead to a lot of replays with a description of “why you dumb Battle Machine, whyyyyy ��♥♂️“. The Ai isn’t perfect (obviously) but some of these things are ridiculous and they shouldn’t be happening!

    Thanks, geeman, for bringing up this subject. It brings back a lot of memories from the older days of the builder base ��

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