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    Lightbulb Private Friend Messaging

    Hello whoever is reading his I hope you are having a good day. I have an idea for clash of clans that I think would be a great implementation to the game. Here is my list of pros and cons of the idea and how to fix some of the cons!

    Message friends without clan castles- I chat a lot in global and sometimes I find new players I would like to help and I friend them but we can not chat. These players do not have clan castles so they can not join my clan. Many times in this case private messaging would be awesome.

    Friends who are not in the same clan as you- With Private messages you can talk to your friends over clash of clans that are not in the same clan as you. This is awesome because sometimes your friend may not want to join your clan and stay in theirs or chill.

    Private warnings- With private messaging you can remind your clan members about war attacks , clan games, and etc. This would be better then the clan mail because you would not have to message the whole clan and just one person. Also the message could give you a notification on your phone like “Clash Player 1 sent you a direct message”.


    Players Scamming- with private messages people may ask for your account info or tell you to go to a free clash of clans gem generator website. There could be 3 options for this problem. One would be a block feature for the private messaging feature, another would be a report button for sent messages, and the final solution would be unfriending the person.

    Final Notes

    If you have your own ideas about this topic feel free to make your own thread. Thank you for taking time to read my post, I hope you are having/have a good day.😃
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    i really have no idea why supercell didn't add the friends chat feature into their games. everytime we want to talk, we have to write messages to all clan members. how convenience!

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    I whould also like to see this implemented, maybe if we get alot of posts we will get an oficial answer, or at least an explination why supercell does not give us private messaging

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    Try Discord.

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    I love the idea!

    Maybe even in clan, if you are not friended with a clanmate, maybe only co-leaders/leader should have the ability to send direct messages, just like the clan mail. Likewise, once a co leader/leader sends the message, maybe that person, whether member, or elder, can respond. Just a thought, I love the idea!

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