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Thread: Enter a clan and read the rules.

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    Lightbulb Enter a clan and read the rules.

    Many don't see or acknowledge the Clan rules. I would like to see the rules come up in the chat area for new members to agree to, upon entering the clan. If the leader makes changes then it could appear one time in every members chat screen.

    This would also be a good time to ask new members to turn on green for war or red for no war.

    I think this would greatly reduce friction for new members not being active in Clan expectations especially iwhen they had no idea they were entering a war.

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    Try the sticky thread or this sub forum
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    What makes you think that they'll read them? I'll guess many won't at all.

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    People have a hard time reading clan chat as it is. Many probably would still not read rules

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    My idea from the big thread about the QoL improvements:

    Quote Originally Posted by MasterEdy View Post
    Automated message to each newcomer with list of clan rules (could be as long as one clan message).

    This message can be set up by leader or co-leaders.

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    That would be something useless!
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    If people dont bother to read the rules in the description, they wont read it in the chat.

    You anyway dont want people like that in your clan

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