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    Hopefully that will help you, in my case deleted the ticket without any response.

    Good Luck...

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    Quote Originally Posted by imnadine View Post
    how to get the ticket number?
    i can't get into my game-__- even i change the google account

    If you lose your account, you'll need to create a new one and make sure this one is linked to a Google+/Game Center and contact us through the game's Settings (Help & Support > Report an Issue); mention as many details as possible about your lost village. I'm afraid there's nothing we can do without this.

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    Lost my village

    Hi I lost my village when I trying to load the game it hadn't loading up for a day so i took the chance to re-upload the game and my game was gone. I believed that I had it linked to my G+ account but I guess not. It seems the fastest way to get your village back is to post on the forums. Just help me out here
    Village name: Dos
    Clan: HASHTAG
    Town Hall Level: 6
    Date and time last played: 01/17/14 7:40 am
    Level: 32
    Ticket Number: #1743840

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    Thanks. My village is restore. Its awsome supercell.

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    need help recover.

    Hi guise.

    didnt know you needed to link to google plus i had it linked to facebook

    about 430pm PST 800 january 22
    ticket : #1800411
    google acc:


    town hall lvl 4

    jayboog username

    clan royal studs

    lvl 22

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    name of village: dapianliang name of the clan you are part of: 蓝莓 town hall level: 7

    Quote Originally Posted by twister View Post
    If you've lost your village off your device, and didn't back it up/attach it to Google+, follow these instructions:


    In order to recover a village, they will need to attach it to a Google+ account so you can access it.

    You will need to make a Google+ account, and start a clash of clans village so you can access the in-game reporting and attach that village to Google+ (in the settings tab).

    From the in-game reporting (while that village is attached to Google+) submit a trouble ticket and do NOT erase any of the pre-populated data the game inserts into the e-mail. Without this, your support case can take 2-3 times as long to solve.

    Within that e-mail generated from the in-game reporting, let them know the original/missing vilage name, player level, town hall level, clan name, clan shield graphic, and last time you accessed the game.

    If they can locate the village, and verify ownership, they can attach your missing game to that current Google+ account, and you will be all set.

    If you do all those steps, it can take a few weeks.

    If you only e-mail them saying my village named "twister" is lost, help me, it can take more than a month as they will need to e-mail you several times to get all the info and get your Google+ account created, etc.

    Your in-game reporting generates an e-mail with required info. Supercell will reply with an automated response assigning you a support ticket number. If... after several weeks to a month you don't hear anything further, post your ticket # here and we can ask support to review it. Sometimes it's waiting for communication from the player that was caught in e-mail spam filter for instance.

    It is not a speedy process to fix this, so please be patient.

    Anyone else reading this - please go to your settings tab and connect your village to a Google+ account.
    name of village: dapianliang
    name of the clan you are part of: 蓝莓
    town hall level: 7
    date and time your last play session:2014/1/13-2014/1/14

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    Unhappy Still waiting patiently.

    I have sent a request to recover my account on the 16th of October and only recently I received an email informing me there was a glitch that made messages unanswered. I got a code from them, but can't seem to overwrite my current account. Tried using a new Google+ and still does not work. Hopefully everything goes well and maybe I could also get the gems from my current game :P

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    lost village Still waiting

    Ticket no. #1770207
    Report Date: January 20, 2014
    Village Name: Jacob level 48 (already upgraded to level 49, Barracks upgrade finished unlock dragon)
    Townhall level: TownHall 7
    Clan: PinayPinoy
    Last played on: January 19, 2014 8 am philippine time

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    lost village

    name: zdravko
    clan name: Armed Robbers
    level: 36
    town hall: level 6(upgrading to level 7)
    google account:

    lost today January 23, 2014
    Last edited by Zdravko; January 23rd, 2014 at 06:14 PM. Reason: forgot date

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    how long

    Quote Originally Posted by bitungbersatu View Post
    Thanks. My village is restore. Its awsome supercell.
    how long have you get your village back.i want to know.

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