I started a new clan that any one can join but we go to war with TH6-9. It's a great way to get fair match ups. You can test your base and attack skills against a fair opponent instead of watching a TH10-12 smash your base with their second attack. We are very fun and social. Requests for troops are filled immediately and there is always some one online to fill requests or exchange friendly challenges with. We help each other get the best CoC experience by donating, talking strategy, maxing out games, and putting in a great war effort (check our record). We are especially in need of TH9s for future wars as we expand past 10v10 wars.

Join now! We have time for one more war before CWL while 2x loot/xp event is on! There is definitely space on the CWL roster.

Some highlights!
-Members: 26
-Clan level 2 and rising!
-War record: 3-2-1 (about to go to 4-2-1), see more below
-We have a few TH10-11s for troop donations.
-We have a Discord channel that we are going to use a lot going forward. It is already active and an invite is in the clan description.
-Very positive environment! We want you to try but don't expect perfection (use both attacks, get 500+ points in clan games)
-We are here to help people grow and improve through troop donation, war experience, war loot bonus, and the prizes that come from CWL and games. This game is more fun in a good clan.

War record:
13-7 (5v5), 91.8% total damage
2. 13-14 (5v5), 94.0%
3. 28-18 (10v10), 94.9%
4. 14-12 (5v5), 95.4%
5. 30-30 (10v10), 100%
6. 29-30 (10v10), 96.5%
Current war: 29-out-of-30 stars at the moment, 96.2% total damage

Future directions:
-We need some more TH9s! We are TH7 & 8 heavy at the moment. Having a balanced number of TH9s will improve our war match ups. Come experience being the TOP of the war line-up!
-Discord wars! We are going to try to have a few wars (like every third or fourth war) be restricted to people with Discord accounts. Share attack strategies, maybe live chat while you attack. Something a little fun and different.
-No one is getting kicked out when they are ready to upgrade. Once we have a good group of 35-40 solid members we will let the clan grow together. We won't always be a TH6-9 clan.

Any questions? Come check us out anytime! your request will be accepted.

See you there!
SessBear/Syrtis Major (#YUVQGJ2R0) (that last one may be an O or 0, not sure)