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Thread: Great Idea to Promote Clan Interatcion and Increase fun and strategy in war!!

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    Great Idea to Promote Clan Interatcion and Increase fun and strategy in war!!

    I believe I've come up with a pretty cool idea that would make the game that much more interesting. Its pretty flexible and i would love to see others interpretations on it and I really hope this post picks up some steam cuz you never know .

    It would be awesome if super cell added a Clan Base (for war and cwl only). Think of it as the "final boss" base in war. It could be a base in which all the clan members put in resources for and the coleaders/leader do the upgrades and base design. What would make it interesting is if it was essentially a superbase that would require multiple attacks to take out.

    That was the summary, now id like to throw out some details to go with this, then ill quickly talk about the great benefits but also some of the road blocks that would need figured out. I say some of the roadblocks cuz im not that smart when it comes to game design lol.

    SO...some details to potentially include: it wouldnt have to be all new buildings cuz that might take alot of work. Instead greatly "amplify" the stats of all the buildings as well as the cost, maybe just give them minor visual changes or an alternate color. Make the clan base in war worth 5 stars and require multiple attacks maybe. For example maybe the top 4 get to attack it and the damage each attack inflicts saves on the base. Im bad at explaining so for example: the top member in war attacks the clan base and does 25% damage..Then the 2nd best member in the clan attacks the clan base which is only 75% of buildings remaining and hits it from 75% down to 50. And maybe the attack system would be totally different idk that part is flexable but my point is that having a clan base would be dope and it should take a combined effort to both build it and attack it.

    I think you get the general idea, so now to some great benefits.
    • It would encourage more of a team effort withing the clan in order to build a base together and would give more of a feeling of unity
    • It would implement more teamwork in a clan
    • It would provide extra content and things to do for max th players esp considering the costs would be extremely high since a whole clan is chipping in to build it.
    • It would add extra dynamic to clan wars
    • Instead of simply a banner, a clan base would be a reflection of the whole clan and how strong it is
    • It also adds a "final boss" feel for each clan in the war.
    • Requireing multiple people to attack or be involved in the attack on a clan base (whatever attack system is implented) would require a lvl or teamwork and combined strategies that haven't been seen in clash and would be a refreshing change.

    Thats just some of the cool things that a clan base would add to the game off the top of my head, idk about yall but that sounds fun. of course a new addition with some new mechanics would add alot of roadblocks to create, way more then i know but ill list a few potential road blocks that come to mind.

    • Having a super base would require a new mechanic needed to allow all members to build on one base and if multiple people are allowed to attack the clan base im sure that would require a new system too.
    • Also making it so that all the higher bases in a clan arent left with the burden of funding the majority of the resources would need to be solved.
    • Not allowing smaller clans to be punished by having less people. (poss. solution, adding a role above elder like "engineer" or something and capping it at like 15-20 and only they are allowed to contribute to base)
    • would maybe require an altercation to the current map size for clan bases to be large enough to need more then tradition attacks to take out....or just make the buildings alot stronger and not make it larger...however i feel like a clan base should look "bigger" then a normal base.
    • and im sure there are many more

    So having a clan base would change things and it might have some roadblocks but i think they could be overcomed and what would be left is a dope addition to the game that adds more diversity, teamwork, and fun to the game.

    Let me know what you guys think! and sorry for the poor grammar and messy setup of this post..dont have the time to read it over a bunch and make it look pretty. I just thought id share my idea that i would love to see added to the game.

    so tell me what yall think about this idea and if a clan base became a thing what would you like to see added to them or changed from what i said above!

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    This idea is not original. It is currently the first idea listed in the "READ BEFORE POSTING" sticky, currently sitting under the "taken into consideration" section of the post. Here's a link for you:
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    oh i had no idea, at least it looks like my idea was a good one

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