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Thread: [Recruiting] STEAMBOAT #PG22LJ9V | TH10+ wanted| LVL14 | Constant War, Games, CWL

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    [Recruiting] STEAMBOAT #PG22LJ9V | TH10+ wanted| LVL14 | Constant War, Games, CWL

    Tired of being in a dead-end, drama-full, or militant clan? Tired of not getting max rewards from Clan Games? We are STEAMBOAT—a USA based, all Mature adult and drama free, english-speaking clan. We are looking for active and properly war weighted TH10+ players (with heroes that are within 20% of being maxed for that TH level) that are very active(7 attacks per day min), war, donate and work hard in Clan Games! We typically hit our Games goal under 24hours, we war constantly and we take the entire clan into CWL so everyone will get something (we always finish near the top or at the top of CWL) and are currently in Master III League !!!
    *We are a max-perked clan level — two-level troop upgrades with donations, increased clan loot bonus, increased loot storage, decreased CC request wait times, etc...

    • We require a few core things: You hit your Clan Games goal, you use both attacks in Clan War and use them as instructed, you donate troops, and you cannot miss more than 2 wars, (unless hero upgrades are occuring! We also want members that are fun, drama-free and members that use Friendly Challenges to improve!
    • If you are a TH10+, low war-weight (heroes 20% off being maxed) and are looking for an ACTIVE and fun war clan then join us today!!!!

    Put "DeerHunter thread" when submitting your join request!!!

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