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    Cool Hay Day: MoosFlash

    We would like to celebrate our aMOOzing community, and therefore we put together our first community shoutout video that we call: MoosFlash!

    We hope you enjoy it, and thank you all so much for your lovely comments, feedback and for just being you! Keep 'em coming!

    And who knows, you might be featured in the next MoosFlash video!

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    ps. we are aware that the content is a bit old-ish, but it took us longer than expected to get the piece together.


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    Stinky Acres lol... I actually looked it up to see if there is a hood with the name like that! That's a hood recruitment ad I can say, especially since they are not full hood yet. And no, I am not a member of the hood. Kudo team Hay Day to put out new things to keep the game interesting
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    So, cuuuute!

    i sure hope “Stinky”, aka Udderly, sees this!
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    So cute, I loved this!
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    That's was awesome
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    I really loved this.

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