Thanks to the Quick Train feature in army training that makes things fast and accurate in comparing the training costs and time, but there is always a problem, there is two army formation that are trained and are waiting for attacks, at the first attack you know that it's important how a person plans his attack to be powerful and economic and is more important that this person to be rewarded rather than a person who just uses all he has in a single attack,... But when a person does an economical attack therefore some troops or spells remains and this ruins all formation of the second trained army so there is two options, attacking next by a deformed army or removing the remained troops or spells that it takes some time counting before adjusting and because the cost of the troops won't be refunded so there is no economical advantage and that more experienced person won't be rewarded, and that's why people consume all the things they have in any attack, even their poison when it's not keep their next army in formation,.. so I think a feature is required to keep the next trained army safe by keeping remained troops separated from the next army so easily remove or use and also remained troops and spells refunded.