RoyaleArtillery lvl 13 Clan / public war-log / german-speaking

We are a war oriented clan and are mostly looking for people who would like to war with us!

Even though the atmosphere is nowhere near the competitive war clans, we are relaxed and willing to teach you a thing or two.
You‘re not gonna get bashed at for failing an attack, the only thing we hate is when you dont attack at all!


for casual back to back wars:

TH 9, maxed or nearly maxed
TH10 with 30/30 heroes at least
TH11 non rushed base and heroes
TH12 non rushed base and heroes

for Clan War Leagues:

TH11 and 12!

We‘re also looking for smaller war-crazy clans to merge!

Just request ingame and say that you read this thread here 👌😁
or dm me at discord: twyster #3834