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Thread: How Do You Like My Signature?

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    How Do You Like My Signature?

    I was looking at all your cool signatures and I decided to make one myself.
    What do you think of it below?
    I made it in GIMP, if you have and tips to give me, let me know!
    I may try to make another one, so it may disappear.

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    This section is for the signature shops, so suggest using the content creation section for CnC (Comments and Criticism) threads.


    1. The Super Pekka quality seems low and blurry, use this one-

    2. Make the text smaller than the render and place it near the hand of the Pekka.

    3. The background doesn't seem to quite blend in with the rest of the signature. I hadn't used GIMP but see if you have anything like a linear dodge overlay in there. Make a layer at the top, set it as linear dodge, take a soft brush with a purple colour from the background and slightly paint (large circles) over the render/ text. Alternatively, you can try adjusting the colour of the background to make it blue like in text and Pekka.

    4. Have a 1px wide black border around the sig.

    5. If possible, take a black brush and paint softly around the edges and take a white brush and paint in the top middle portion. Adjust the opacity as you see fit.

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