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    Versus Battle Troop Pathing

    Do you guys have it on the list to fix troop pathing in Versus Battles? Currently it is common to see ranged troops go into melee range on crushers to attack the crusher, or for troops to run around the nearest building and into range of defences to attack a building that should be second or third in line for any logical attack. Very annoying to lose that two or three percent that could make the difference in a victory due to illogical troop pathing.

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    The AI for troops is pretty straightforward. All troops look at its 3 closest available targets and then selects the closest one. If that target is behind a wall, the troop will walk around the wall to hit it and will not re-target to attack something else along the way. Official Web Site Official Web Site -+- SharkBite YouTube Channel
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    You're assuming there is a logical reason when I quote clearly stated the lack of logic in the troop pathing. I've seen archers attack a wall piece in melee range when a building was within range for a ranged attack. Simply trying to bring a simple logic issue to light.

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    Walls, very often in versus, are not the issue. Ex. Archer decides to target crusher. Crusher is behind a wall and 1 building. Archer walks underneath crusher to attack crusher.

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