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Thread: IMMORTAL HAZE, Lvl 9 Clan US based, WAR, Trophy Pushing

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    IMMORTAL HAZE, Lvl 9 Clan US based, WAR, Trophy Pushing

    Active clan led by experienced Clashers! Cycle is as follows: War League every season, then Clan Games, followed by 2 to 3 individual wars, (IGN: SupremeKai Almost Max TH11 w/ 2 other TH9 accts as well). We've got ages ranging from 14 y/o to mid 40's. I've personally played for over 9 years.

    We're a Level 10 clan w/ all of the PERKS! We also have a Facebook group where we share attack replays, attack strategies, and anything to make the game better!

    We accept all TH Levels... but we do ask the following:
    1. You're not too rushed.
    2. You know how to attack in war, or you're at least willing to learn and take advice.

    Clan Info & Rules:

    • English Speaking
    • We donate what is asked
    • Use both attacks in war & follow the war strategy
    • Donate at least 1 troop for every 3 you request to earn Elder
    • CO is earned based on War attack performance

    How to Apply:
    Copy and paste this application and fill it in... Post it below

    Town Hall level:
    Level of Walls:
    In game name (IGN) :
    Current level:
    Number of War Stars:
    Picture of base (If possible)

    Hope to see you soon!!
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