Welcome! My name is Kloom
This post is about recruitment of our war clan which has a 14 win streak, 21 wins and 0 loses, 1 draw only.
Also we only do 100% wars, yeah its all 💯 destruction yeah baby 😍😍
I hope this title attracted your attention, because we are a serious war clan and we are now having a great streak now. But, we are running out players to sufficiently lower our war weight. As you know, the mismatching percentage will be greatly lowered if you have every townhall in wars( that means u have at least one townhall from th9 to th3).
Our clan tag is #28CP9LQ0C and its named Super Elements in a strange font so you cannot directly search the clan name.
This clan has both super pushers , good warrers and prople who donate correct and max level troops for our wars. The admission limit is 999( its real) so sorry for those lower level townhalls , get more than 998 trophies to join the clan.
Also please write down you are brought to here by Kloom’s forum post or others might think you are a hopper and reject your request.
Well, if you have inquiries of how we did such good wars then check www.cocp.it/clan/28CP9LQ0C, i think there will be full logs unless it is again under maintenance.
Good luck and happy clashing!