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Thread: Re-balance Ground/Air

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    Post Re-balance Ground/Air

    The meta is most certainly air at the moment (especially TH11 and TH12). Laloon, Dragbat, and Electrodrags are some of the most common. Here a couple of changes that I think could really help bring ground back into the meta.

    • Heal spell level 8. Currently, the giga tesla is the only defense in the game that can out-damage a heal spell at 200/135 damage/heal ratio. Many ground troops don't have the HP to sustain that level of damage.
    • Bowler HP increase. I don't have great sense of numbers, but I think it looks something like lvl2+20, lvl3+30, and lvl+30. With the increased range and high damage of multi-infernos, ground kill squads just don't get the push they need to be viable.
    • PEKKA first attack speed increase. There has been a lot done to re-balance PEKKA, but at high town halls they're just too slow to be completely viable. Skeleton traps make them almost worthless in the core of a base.
    • Valk HP increase. Again, tough to properly assess without a dev environment. Something like lvl5+10, lvl6+20, lvl7+30. They're very handy coming out of a siege machine, but otherwise I haven't seen much use.
    • Jump spell lvl4 for 1:20. Toooooo many walls at TH11 and TH12. Troops getting stuck
    • Earthquake spell 3x wall break. From what I've seen, the only real use for an earthquake is triggering the giga tesla. Same as jump spell above, I think this would give players more versatility and really help smaller kill-squad based attacks get some serious value.
    • New troop at TH12. Call it whatever you want, but a higher (say 16) housing space option that can withstand some more splash damage. Give it range so that it can help the archer queen take out enemy CC's (wizards just don't get it anymore when there are 2 dragons coming out of CC's). Should be elixir based so viable for looting dark elixir.
    • Ice golem buff. Health, DPS, ice golemites, damage w/ freeze spell. Whatever it looks like this troop had a very underwhelming offensive introduction (defense is great though).
    • Poison spell lvl6. I'm shocked this wasn't released as every (I think) troop got a new level from TH11 to TH12.

    I think the giant, wizard, miner, hog rider, golem, witch, barb, arch, and goblin are fine where they are. Enacting all of the change above at once would be too far, but a couple of them would bring a nice ground meta back.

    Final note, when are we going to say a change that makes the lightning spell at all useful again. My opinion, a lightning spell and an earthquake spell should take out an air defense. This is very comparable to the utility of a clone spell (same spell housing space).

    Air is in a good place right now, but need to get ground back more commonly into the meta.

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    Additional idea.. there seems to be a big push incorporating spell functionality with troops. For bullet number 7 above (ranged troop with ~16 housing space), this new troop could shoot *poison* darts. At TH11 and 12, the odd number spell slot almost always goes to a poison spell for CC troops. With the GREAT re-balance of the freeze spell, this could be the push to not always have to bring the poison. Even skeleton spells could make a more regular appearance. [If 3x earthquake for wall opening were to make an appearance this would also make those much more prevalent].

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    Well thought out. +1 from me

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