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Thread: Sapphire Storm (#YQ2J9G2C) - Level 17 war clan

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    Sapphire Storm (#YQ2J9G2C) - Level 17 war clan

    Hello all Pickle Rick here trying to find some loyal new members looking to join us. We are currently a Lv17 war clan sitting in Master ll for CWL and we have around 45 members so there’s spots to fill. We have players from all around the world (mostly US and U.K. based but members from other countries too) so there’s usually always someone on and donations are always filled fast

    1. If in war use both attacks. If in the lower end of the war map try to get both in early
    2. Only opt in for war if all heroes are up. No heroes, no war
    3. Try to maintain a decent donation ratio, we try to aim to donate at least half of what we recieve
    4. Bases are assigned in wars. No random hitting or looting. Simply let a co-leader know you would like a target and someone will give you a base to hit. Only Co's give out numbers
    5. Have fun !

    We are currently on the lookout for active and non rushed TH11 and 12 players who love to war. We are a 100% FairPlay war clan so no engineers please. We war pretty much constantly. Always take part in CWL and always max out clans games

    If you’ve made it this far and are interested in joining feel free to drop by in game. Our tag is #YQ2J9G2C and mention that Pickle Rick sent you from the forums

    We look forward to hearing from you
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