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Thread: Very new player.

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    Very new player.

    I'm a new player, just started today. Any advice.

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    Look at all the sticky threads at the top of this page, there will be lots of helpful information there.
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    The sticky threads are a big help to get started on the game, but here is some other advice that could be useful for you to progress efficiently.

    At a later point in the game, you'll need more coins to afford new machines. You should then stop doing trucks and boats and make products that sell for a good price. Saving coins and slow levelling can be a key method in this game, so it's better to be overprepared rather than underprepared.

    Therefore, if you want exp instead once you saved up the coins, ultimately do this:
    - keep your machines running
    - have a well stocked barn for trucking and boats
    - perhaps consider putting some trees so that you can collect them for exp gain

    Also consider wheating because that's a great way to get some BEMs, SEMs, LEMs and mining tools (barn expansion materials, silo expansion materials, land expansion materials)
    Sell the wheat for 10 coins or less so that you can clear your barn faster and invest in just a few rss slots because those are permanent diamond unlocks.
    This way you can upgrade your barn and silo more often, preferably upgrade both once per level.
    Thus, if you're looking for faster progress, you can get into trading:
    Or this discord server,, for more help regarding this.
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