About us
Sick cafe is a serious English speaking war based clan who participate in back to back wars, CWL and max clan games. We are usually pretty laid back and always having a bit of fun in the chat. Donations usually never sit for longer than 15 minutes, many members of the clan hit 10k donations per season.

Our CWL lineup roster usually consists of th10s-th12s. We currently sit at crystal l. All we are asking is that if you a green use both your attacks, failing to do so could result in a kick. We do back to back wars and anyone in the clan can participate. Attack early with a 3⭐️ attack strategy. We have a 63.97% win rate and have never been demoted in CWL.

Some required hero levels (respective of your town hall level)

Town hall 9 - 40 combined hero levels
Town hall 10 - 60 combined hero levels
Town hall 11 - 90 combined hero levels

At least have two war armyís maxed respective of the level of your lab.

We currently have a discord server with various different bots and rooms. Discord isnít required but it is advised you have it when applying. The link to the discord server can be found in game or you can dm me.

Rules/What we except
☕️No excessive swearing in chat
☕️Both attacks must be used in war
☕️Maintain a decent donation rate (1:2)
☕️Daily activity in clan chat
☕️English speaking only
☕️No rushed bases