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Thread: SUPER ACTIVE Town Hall 12 in Needs SUPER Active Clan! READ First

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    Hello.. we are pretty active at clan Abby #L9RYCRJ2 win mostly all of our wars.. could use another th12. You would like. Come say hi.. my name is Killer of Grass and also Grasskiller.

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    Nov 2014
    Hey there. Check out our Level 16 Clan called Invictus Fire. You can simply search our name, we are easy to find. We fulfill all your activity requirements listed and you meet all our requirements too!

    Apply in game and say - Accepted by Barney from the forums!

    Click on the clan names in my signature and they will redirect you to the clan recruitment page if you're still not convinced or simply wish to know more about us.

    If you have any questions, the quickest way to reach out to me is via LINE. (Messenger App) My Id - BarneyyStinsonn or you can send me a visitors message here.

    See you soon,

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    Hey bud join the Idols & Anchors #P8QPR9R2. Been here for years!
    We are currently looking for TH 12s, but can fit in your others as well. We are a strong family clan mostly all military Vets all adults, we war 24/7 and take CWL serious as well as Clan Games. Join up and ask for -Kaleb- or OhhhGodItsLee

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    We could use someone as active as you in our clan. Please join

    Clanibus- LEVEL 10- WAR + CLAN GAMES + LEAGUE
    Clanibus- an adult English speaking clan based out of the United States with over 40 members in multiple countries across 3 continents.

    Clan Tag: #L8CR0RCJ

    Who we are: We are a clan with around 40 members, currently clan level 10. We have over a 1.2 W/L ratio in war and almost always have gotten max clan rewards during clan games and currently are Clan League level Gold 1. We currently war almost always, with a break around holidays, or if we are all upgrading heros. We offer elder and co-leader based on merit and loyalty. We have been around since November of 2015 and are looking to continue to grow.

    What we are looking for: activity and loyalty. We have began to become more selective so please request to join with a message stating you are from forums and we will assess on a case by case basis. Our only other requirement is that you understand and can speak English fluently.

    How to join: to join please just enter #L8CR0RCJ into your search bar and our clan name is "clanibus" with a green and yellow logo. Please mention that you are coming from the forum, and we will approve you.

    If you've made it this far in our post we hope that you consider our clan. We are looking forward to winning & growing together someday soon.

    B3rt31- Co-Founder & Co-Leader Clanibus

    Don't forget our tag is #L8CR0RCJ

    We would love to have you!!

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