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Thread: Clash of Clans system does not recognize math!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by marrvin View Post
    Pretty much this, I estimated OP's and his opponent's BH levels based on building count provided.

    But after checking the wiki I found different numbers:
    Builder Hall Level # of Buildings
    6 34
    7 38
    8 46

    so OP, you should post images of bases at start and at end of battle to double check the countings.
    Be aware that Teslas that did not popped up will still count as a building !!

    -- marrvin
    What you are saying Marvin is the MAXIMUM amount of possible buildings for each builder hall level. Now, listen.

    I have builder hall level 8. The maximum amount of buildings for builder hall level 8 is 46. I still have not built the last 2 buildings. So that way, I have 44.

    Speaking if it once again, you need to have at least 44 buildings to reach builder hall level 8. I have exactly 44 and can build the last 2 at any time to reach 46!!

    I have definitely not miscounted anything. You can have 46 buildings for builder hall level 8. I currently have 44.

    In fact speaking, it is possible that my opponent had 36-38 buildings for his builder hall level.

    For builder hall level 7, 36 is the minimum requirement. 38 is the maximum amount you can build for builder hall level 7.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadrach777 View Post
    So 16 / 38 is 42.11 rounded up is 43% your attack (you didn't count the 2 hidden teslas)
    19/44 is 43.18 rounded up is 44% their attack; hence you lost
    perfect math and explanation and in fact OP just confirmed that he built only 44 out of 46 buildings.

    Mystery solved!

    --marrvin *playing The X-Files theme*

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    Does it not depend on hp of buiidings destroyed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlazeStormz123 View Post
    Does it not depend on hp of buiidings destroyed?
    Nope not all. A building is a building is a building. Makes absolutely no difference how big or small or strong or weak that building is. Each one is counted the same as another.

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