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    Quote Originally Posted by wrtn View Post
    I read that 3-5ppl. So having only 3 people in a team is a legit scenario??? This makes zero sense to me. If it is a 5v5 event, then 5 people should be present... Also what about the people with multiple accounts? Dr Mujtaba could himself register 10 teams thus disallowing 9 legit teams to participate. Yes i know its illegal to do that, but it is possible and i guess there is no way to check this if the accounts sit behind a vpn..
    The 3-5 people is what allows for multiple accounts.

    It means you can have 5 people with 1 account each, or 4 people where 1 has 2 accounts, or 3 people where 2 have 2 accounts or 1 has 3 accounts.

    And while that cannot easily be checked at the online stage, it can certainly be checked if the clan gets through to the offline stage in Poland. The relevant people have 5o be physically present then.
    Quote Originally Posted by Grill View Post
    But when something like an update is to be expected all stupid breaks loose and it just becomes an idiot storm of catastrophic proportion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Maverick View Post
    Any more balance to th10 will make th10 broken...
    My stats (main account)

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    Quote Originally Posted by StormHeart View Post
    That was just mean but funny too.
    Reading and learning. Just a TH8 myself, but the instant Bottom was funny. Poof, nothing happened.😂😂😂

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    Quote Originally Posted by DapperLatte View Post
    Reading and learning. Just a TH8 myself, but the instant Bottom was funny. Poof, nothing happened.😂😂😂
    Finally read though all till I saw the only reply I posted. Several pages/ posts back, someone mentioned 10 year olds kids being able to beat the Old folks. Had to laugh. At 58, just getting started and addicted (in a good way) to Clash of Clans. So I figured when I'm around 70 years old, then I'd be ready.😂😂😂 Enjoy and have fun.

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    Good luck all the teams participating.

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    It should be only one account each

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