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    Our clan leader never online

    Hii supercell... I m co in my clan . And my clan leader gmail id is deleted n offline from ages... there are many cos which are inactive .. Theres no way to login leader id as my gmail id is deleted. I want to clean clan for making space for active players.. Can I get leadership..
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    Supercell does not get involved in clan politics. This is a player forum composed of just players like yourself, so nobody here has any way to help you. The in-game support team MIGHT change leadership but only if the leader has been inactive (meaning he hasn't logged in) for at least 6 months. And even then they will only give leadership to the co-leader that has been there the longest.
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    I think the responses may be very similar to the last time you bought this up.....

    .....and main forum rule no.4

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