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Thread: ****The Old Guard**** A simple laid back adult clan. Please read

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    Post ****The Old Guard**** A simple laid back adult clan. Please read

    Good Morning/Afternoon/Night depending where you are located of course.

    I am the leader of "The Old Guard" clan. Before I list our stats and all the other things people try to throw at you, I want to say. Truthfully we are a simple adult clan, we take part in all events such as clan games, clan wars, and clan war league. The only requirements we have are 500 min points for Clan games, and if you are going to war, do not miss a hit.

    We are currently looking for some more adult like minded people. Some of us are based in the USA, some overseas. We find this works well for us as not a lot of time only 1 or 2 people are on. Give us a shot, if you do not like it, no hard feelings.

    Level 14 clan
    Clan war league level - Crystal League 1
    510 total wars
    Wars won - 300
    Clan games we achieve max tier every time.
    Clan war league we are fair and try to give half the bonuses out to those who earned as well as half to those that need additional help. A clan is only as strong is its weakest links.
    We war 3 times a week normally
    We like to use discord for war planning / base designing / and general talk.
    How to find us, use the code below
    Clan #2LVRGQ8U

    Again thank you for reading.

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    daily Bump....4 more spots available...

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