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Thread: Second to none |lvl 5 clan|

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    Second to none |lvl 5 clan|

    Hey Fellow Clashers

    Seeking E
    nglish speaking players above TH5, to a very active international warring clan. We war every day and are active in clan games and Clan War Leagues.We do not tolerate hoppers and position seekers. Earn elder ship through loyalty and a good attitude. We also love donating .

    We're still growing, and follow a strategy at war, which we require everyone to follow. While we're serious at war, we're a tight knit group, and love to joke around.

    We are a sister clan to Fortis Draconus a level 14 clan and a good stint with us will have you their.

    To wrap things up, my gamer tag is CykoPath.#2QPOYCGC. If interested please drop in and say your from the forum. Hope to meet yall soon.
    Your sincerely,
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