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The "service didn't see this player..." is just because ClashOfStats didn't look for you then.

The CoC API gives no historical information. It just returns current in-game data; in this case the player profile and/or the clan member list. ClashOfStats gets the history by hitting SC for data every day, and recording all the results. But with tens of millions of players, some rather inactive, it can't request every single player and clan every single day. So it's presumably a mix of sampling them sometimes anyway and requesting the latest data from SC if anyone views you/your clan on the ClashOfStats website. For high profile clans someone will look at them on ClashOfStats pretty frequently, so they can have near continuous data. For unheard of clans the data may be much more patchy
Thanks for the information. I know "roughly" how the API works, I just wasn't sure how ClashOfStats interprets the data to then display.