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Thread: Need a pushing clan

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    Need a pushing clan

    I am currently at 3500+ trophies now but will keep pushing. Let me know if need a extra hand pushing your clan on top.

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    M. I. L. E alliance, 6 clans.

    Join this discord server for more information, clan tags, how to join ect.
    Small content creator | Clash of clans, Brawl stars and Hay Day player | Coc account: 21Dimple2.0 | Hay Day account 21dimple | Brawl stars account: Julie™ | YouTube account: Xasva A | Twitter account: @XasvAYouTube | Discord: Xasva | YouTube#4182 | Clash of clans clan: Not in one | Brawl stars club: XasvA Crusaders | Second Coc account: Annoying Dimple #V9JCLQUC | 3rd Coc account: #Y9G0LC0YC |

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    Give us a look and apply if interested

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kliou View Post
    Give us a look and apply if interested
    I got declined. I'm not rushed. My ingame name was attrocity. I also said I'm from forum. Will be waiting for your reply

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    I'm Daimen from the lvl 7 clan Builder-X (#20PVJGRQ2) and CWL event clans Y and Z. Before you shun us for our low clan level, let me point out why we stand out:

    ��We’re insanely active. We average around 8-12 players online, and have a steady supply of max troops and sieges; max games are a given. Our clan breakdown is roughly TH8-12 with around 8 TH12s.
    ��We’re extremely war-focused, with a 45-20 70% win rate, and high standards for diverse attacks. Most of are wars are 30v30 to 40v40. We provide opportunities for both mentor and student in war. We aim to give everyone 7/7 wars, and ranked 1st/1st/3rd/1st in CWL, now as a Gold 1.
    You’ll still find a bunch of clans with the above. However, here lies the difference:
    ��We’re essentially a tight-knit family. Our core group has stuck together for a while, and the driving factor for most staying to this clan is appreciating the genuine group of friendly teammates.
    ��We are improvement-focused. This means that we don’t care if you screw up, or if you’re already a decent attacker. The key is openness to feedback and continued growth.

    What do we expect from you?
    A clan with high standards requires the same of its teammates.
    ❇️An active team player solid TH19+ and exceptional TH8. 20/20+ TH9, 20/25+ TH10, 35/40+ TH11
    ❇️A respectful clasher with similarly high standards for growth
    ❇️A mature (preferably adult) player that hates drama and promotes fun

    We know that there is no “perfect fit”. Thus, we invite you to let us know potential issues that may prevent you from choosing Builder-X as home. We’re happy to discuss accommodations!

    Discord Link:

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    Maybe you can check out NorseDestroyers (level 11 clan).

    We need a serious extra attacker like you.

    Here at Norse Destroyers, we kind of care! Sometimes, anyway. Ask for troops, you’ll get them, and they’ll usually be max troops. All we expect are players that do their best. Donate when you can, participate in clan games (we usually max), and ♥♥ with us in chat every now and then. Can’t participate in war because you also have a life? No big deal, just opt out. Stop by and check us out at #LVVV2GC. Let us know you came from reddit. Hope to welcome you into our clan soon!

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