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Thread: Looking for TH8/9 CWL clan for next season

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    Looking for TH8/9 CWL clan for next season

    We have a number of TH8/9s that are no longer able to take part in CWL now the main clan is in Crystal I.

    We have 4 TH9 and 2 TH8s looking for a home in a lower league just for CWL. Current clan is All Team 2 (#289LLYV8G) which is sister clan of All Team (#C8UG8GJP) so the bases move between the two clans if you are searching them.

    Just for CWL.

    If you have space All Team is invite only but maybe search me out there - Bobadit (#98828QPC9).


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    M. I. L. E alliance, 6 clans.

    Join this discord server for more information, clan tags, how to join ect.
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