We're a UK/US clan that was being used as a feeder but have split away as there was no food.

We really need a hand
TH7 upwards to max Clan games, so any help is gratefully welcome.

We offer:

Relaxed clan.
2 level increase on donations.
Larger loot bonuses
Good donations on Elixir troops and DE if on a DE troop challenge.
Wars if you want.
Farming too.
Possible inclusion in next CWL, we were 1st in our group twice.
Good advice from experienced players.
Willing ear if you have advice you wish to share.
Discord server available for those who want.

What you won't get:

Drama, we're not interested in it
A load of screaming kids
A load of "donate bro" "plz"

Just put "forum" in your join request.