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Thread: Remember town zoom level

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    Remember town zoom level

    This game is quite old and I cannot believe this has not been requested yet but still seems like such an easy thing to implement. They did it for clash of clans so should be possible here too.

    When I travel between towns I find myself constantly zooming out to max zoom level.

    Why on earth would the game not just remember my zoom level when going from town to town???

    I donít mind being zoomed in when the game first starts cause thereís that littlepeople/crow animation but when the game is playing remember my zoom level.

    This is important for usuabity.

    Players who donít care will not zoom anyway and wonít be affected. People who zoom out will love it.
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    You know what i wouldn't mind. The feature or ability to zoom out in war map. Or even veiw the war map like CWL.

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    Great suggestion! Completely agree. I find this especially annoying while fishing.

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