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Thread: The Pistol Shrimp (for trophy push & war)

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    The Pistol Shrimp (for trophy push & war)

    I'm not good with words, so I'll just post some images and you decide yourself if this is any good. This haven't been tested much, tell me how it goes for you.

    Recommended troops for CC: 2 maxed witches or 1 baby dragon + 1 loon + 1 valkyrie + 2 archers

    First version. (As time goes, I'm gonna tweak this base as much as I can, so expect more versions below!)

    2nd version, some changes, but still the same-ish.

    Attack by a TH 9 in Master league

    Another fail 3 star attack by a TH 9, but this is a different base, with 5 defenses down.


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    Very good layout. Will try to use it with my second account. Well done.

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    Nice effort👍, I m thinking DragLoon can still wreck it

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    Definitely going to try this out soon.

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    Nice layout, but it seems like GoHo would beat it. A kill squad positioned on the left would be able to take out at least half the point defenses in the base and disable or trigger every ground trap.

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