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Thread: Looking for clan TH4 soon to be 5

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    Looking for clan TH4 soon to be 5

    Looking for a clan I am currently a town hall 4 upgrading to 5 check out base and troops at#PGR8PRQOY

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    I run an efficient level 13 war clan, we're competitive in war. Solid win ratio and a great track record in cwl. We have an optional discord channel, which we can plan on better. Overall though the mindset is team first and win. As a bonus we max clan games and have a rocking community with some great people. This is a chill atmosphere as a community and a competitive place in war. Worth stopping in! Just as a sample size of our love in war I'm sitting on over 1800 war stars.

    Clan name: Not Worthy
    Tag: #9UQURGYJ

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    I sent a join request for the clan

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    Hello little Pokemon 😘
    You're welcome to join our international level 11 clan! We are a funny bunch of people from all over the world, so you won't be on your own as someone's always on!
    We war twice a week and join the cwl as well. I know the cwl is hard for tiny bases as it's more for high level players. That's why we start a feeder clan for our lower guys just for cwl. So you'll have the possibility to be in!
    Clan games are always maxed and wars are for everyone, no matter the th level...
    If it sounds good so far check us out for more informations:

    Or join our team in Stormborn
    Mention "snick sent you" in your request

    Hope to see you soon

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    Little Sneakers

    M. I. L. E alliance, 6 clans.

    Join this discord server for more information, clan tags, how to join ect.

    Tag of little Sneakers. #YQ2RY0VP
    Small content creator | Clash of clans, Brawl stars and Hay Day player | Coc account: 21Dimple2.0 | Hay Day account 21dimple | Brawl stars account: Julie™ | YouTube account: Xasva A | Twitter account: @XasvAYouTube | Discord: Xasva | YouTube#4182 | Clash of clans clan: Not in one | Brawl stars club: XasvA Crusaders | Second Coc account: Annoying Dimple #V9JCLQUC | 3rd Coc account: #Y9G0LC0YC |

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    H.O.C. is hiring at #V9J9JQRV

    Lower TH?
    Tired of hardcore war clans or clans run by 9 year olds?
    Want benefits of being in a clan without crazy war pressure?
    House of Cali’s is your Clan.

    What we offer:
    -level 7 clan
    -small, no pressure optional war once a week
    -a place to grow and learn and just have fun
    -training/feeder clan for level 12 clan(B.C. Buds @#8VLYJLJC)
    -yes, chat is quiet but donations are solid
    -drama free
    -non serious so no apps needed
    -max out every clan games
    -sitting in gold 1 in CWL

    What we are looking for:
    -adult, non hardcore players
    -participation in clan games
    -if you war, please NO rushers/engineers and do both attacks according to clan mails
    -folks just looking to have fun playing a game
    -clan is set to invite only so please say you are from the forums when you request to join
    -contact via e-mail - or pm partsguy in forums if we interest you or in game at clan tag #V9J9JQRV

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    You can join my clan we are a clan war clan

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    Anyone need a clan

    We are a new level 2 clan war clan. You need to play regularly to stay. 400 trophies up is acceptable to join the clan. We have played 12 wars and won 10. Also you need discord to join. Clan name None Stop yt

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