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Thread: no more big and large boxes ???

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    no more big and large boxes ???

    since the last maintenance i'm not getting anymore big and large boxes,
    only the old small boxes popup.
    on my other farms, the same deal.
    what happened supercell ???

    i notice here on the forum i'm not the only one.

    please can you check this out ?
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    I'm not sure I've seen any either. The Dev Team may have tweaked the relative frequency of appearance for those. Hopefully, they have not accidentally tweaked it to "never".
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    You mean 'accidentally'. Yes, I'm sure they'd never do it on purpose, honest they wouldn't.
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    I still find quite a number of big and huge boxes, some of which have been free to open though none of them have contained an expansion permit! I don’t ever pay diamonds to open any boxes but have been pretty lucky in finding diamonds in free boxes.

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