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Thread: Builder Base Army should not train once again if not used in last attack ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piper139 View Post
    Maybe 1 level down. Rarely though. Loot is much better hitting equal or up. Dropping to the bh6 and lower kiddie pool would be like me hitting 8s and 9s with my 11. Nope. I just stay around 4k and hit other 8s. I still mostly do main village tasks though. At least I can get loot doing those.
    That's kind of my point, though. If you're a maxed 8, then loot has nothing to do with anything. So why not dip into the kiddie pool?

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    Lost connection

    My ISP is a trash (thanks to my develop country) i lost connection with fantastic 0,03KB/s when i hit that "find now" button, in my last 5 versus battle 2 were lost because lost connection and it's a real pain that i need to train every troop again. My point is there's people that not intended to drop their trophy and yet they need to re-train. Maybe i will ignore BB for a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Himewad View Post
    But it's so much fun being a bully ... are you saying you never do dip attacks in the main village? If you've ever done them, then your bullying comment is hypocritical.
    As hypocritical as it sounds, I rarely hit a TH one level below me unless they have excellent loot that's almost equal to what I would be receiving if they were my level. My previous comment was meant only for the BB as your loot gain is equal to your trophy level when one wins a battle.

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    There's no way SC can literally control the way players would choose to play this game ... Rushed bases with an odd maxed troop to hit higher THs was part of the deal once but now making of engineered bases has been made difficult ....

    Similarly, there are logics to both ends whether BB army should train again or not, but here the point is simple common sense.... i.e.
    The Army that hasn't even been dropped out on the field, where did that go if the Army Camp had to train fresh troops again ... ?

    I think SC should consider it viable for implementation in game. Even if 5-10 players in a million abuse this feature to bully the weaker player in lower trophy ranges, its worth its while since the remaining million players will benefit from it without making it a big deal....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Himewad View Post
    Count me as one who is not playing the game as intended, then. Once you are maxed, there is literally NO POINT to staying as high in trophies as possible. I collect my gems, and crush people quickly in clan game attacks. Why beat my head against a wall winning a little over half of my BB attacks at a higher trophy level?
    And yet, people keep playing the game when they are maxed. There are even maxed Main Village players that are maxed and spend most of their time in the clouds, but ok, you could argue that the Legend Trophies at the end of the season would be the point of staying high.

    As I'm roaming the 4400's at the moment (everything maxed), I' not exactly high in trophies, but I do seem to win more than 50% of the time.. If I did only win 50% of the time, I'd be much closer to the 4K monthly reset level.

    Not all challenges in Games demand that you win.. Some demand the destruction of certain buildings, an objective that can easily be accomplished above 4K trophies... and as I know that my troops have to train regardless of what I do, I tend to try to use them all and take out as much of the opponent base as I can. I've won plenty of games on percentage, without ever deploying the BattleMachine.

    I would LIKE to see a "Legend Trophy"-like system for the BuilderBase, but I think that it's still too early to introduce it.

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